ponedeljek, 8. julij 2013

Lately people worldwide massively  protest in the streets, squares, parks and over the internet. They(We) are resisting the totalitarian policies, violation of human rights, repressive governments, nationalisms, economic and social stratification. Almost every manifestation of the people is violently repressed by the authorities.

What are the reactions of people around the world, what are the changes and what are the possible alternatives will be discussed in a public forum "GO AWAY" on Wednesday, 10.07.2013, at 21:00 on the platform of Slovenian Ethnographic Museum.
We are calling all activist organizations and individuals to join us in a public forum where we'll get in live contact with activists from Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, Canada and elsewhere, who will participate with their ideas and reports. Event will be livestreamed. Url link will be posted soon on twitter: @kulaorg

Event make possible:

Slovensko etnološko in antropološko združenje Kula, ASS Collective, AngartFilm, AGRFT,  Svobodna univerza, Kavarna SEM, Študentska Iskra – FF, @OcupaRio – OccupyRio, @OcupaSampa – OccupySaoPaulo, @OcupaPOA – OccupyPortoAlegre