AngArtFilm collective aims to develop theoretical and practical education for students and broader public on contemporary societal topics, especially marginalized social groups and communities, which are presented through analysis of (engaged) documentary and other films and discussions with experts from various fields, with emphasis on film and social theory, activism and research journalism. 

In the last three seasons (2012-2015) we covered different topics: "erased" people of Slovenia, invisible workers of the world, working migrants and refugees, reification of second world war, neo-fascism, (neo)nationalism, political developments in post-socialist countries, revolts in Latin America, deinstitutionalization (of people with mental health illnesses), perceptions on deafness, alternative economies and homeless people, student movements 1968-1972, occupy movement, and others... 

 People's forum "GO AWAY!" , 10.7.2013 Platform of Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Lately people worldwide massively  protest in the streets, squares, parks and over the internet. They(We) are resisting the totalitarian policies, violation of human rights, repressive governments, nationalisms, economic and social stratification. Almost every manifestation of the people is violently repressed by the authorities.

What are the reactions of people around the world, what are the changes and what are the possible alternatives was discussed in a public forum "GO AWAY" on Wednesday, 10.07.2013, at 21:00 on the platform of Slovenian Ethnographic Museum.
We invited activist organizations and individuals to join us in a public forum where we got in live contact with activists from Turkey and Brazil who participated with their ideas and reports. Event was livestreamed and broadcasted via twitter: @kulaorg

Event made possible:

Slovensko etnološko in antropološko združenje Kula, ASS Collective, AngartFilm, AGRFT,  Svobodna univerza, Kavarna SEM, Študentska Iskra – FF, @OcupaRio – OccupyRio, @OcupaSampa – OccupySaoPaulo, @OcupaPOA – OccupyPortoAlegre

Social and political movements against Neoliberalism (Eugene Nulman) 70 min, 3.4.2013 
The lecture took place on  4th April at Department for Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. Organizde by student group FF-ISKRA.The lecture talks about social and political movement against the Neoliberalisem that took place in last few years. 

Eugene is an Assistant lecturer at University of Kent-Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, co-editor of Contention journal (, activist, reasercher...

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