četrtek, 4. junij 2020

 A Protective Fox and a Chicken Hero

It was a fox who said: "It's a deadly virus" and put all chickens into the cage. And chickens were glad, feeling happy about their own fear, fancying new reality behind TV screens, feeling safe and proud about their own heroism. Each Thursday night chickens gathered and performed a chicken dance: performing and applauding to other heroic chickens for 10 minutes, showing bravery, while risking their own lives, now freed from the cage and encouraged by the fox. And they've got enlightened, those chickens: the fox didn't eat them, they escaped the virus and returned safely into the cage, feeling very proud, knowing they saved life. The fox is right. We hold the key. Why risking life out of the cage, if you can stay in and enjoy all the comfort, understanding and knowledge provided by the screen, where no fox can get you or your children, not even virus itself? The fox is right. Chickens are clever.This is a good fox, keep reminding every single chicken: protect yourself, stay at home and save lives. Even kids repeating it. This is the truth and enlightenment about protective fox and a chicken hero!
Aljosa Dujmic